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    This is the API documentation for Circe, a JSON library for Scala and Scala.js.


    This is the API documentation for Circe, a JSON library for Scala and Scala.js.

    The library is divided into a number of modules that either provide core functionality, support additional features via third-party dependencies, or facilitate integration with other libraries or frameworks.

    • numbers: core facilities for representing and parsing JSON numbers.
    • core: our JSON abstract syntax tree, our zipper-like cursor types, and our encoding and decoding type classes (and instances).
    • parser: JSON parsing support for both the Java Virtual Machine (using Jawn) and Scala.js (using the native JavaScript JSON parser).
    • testing: ScalaCheck Arbitrary instances for circe's JSON AST and other types, as well as other useful testing tools.
    • literal: JSON string interpolation and encoder and decoder instances for literal types.
    • generic: Shapeless-powered generic derivation for case classes and sealed trait hierarchies.
    • generic-extras: additional experimental generic derivation functionality (including some configurability).
    • pointer: A JSON Pointer implementation
    • pointer-literal: JSON Pointer string interpolation
    • shapes: encoders and decoders for Shapeless hlists, coproducts, records, and sized collections.
    • scodec: encoders and decoders for Scodec's BitVector and ByteVector.
    • refined: encoders and decoders for refined types.
    • spray: Spray marshaller conversions for Circe's type classes.

    Please refer to the documentation for a more detailed introduction to the library.

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